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Why Won’t My AirPods Connect to My Chromebook

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

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Many people have faced the issue of not being able to connect their AirPods to their devices running on Chromebook. Actually, you can make this connection happen. You only need proper guidance from a reliable source. Before knowing the method to make this connection, you need to understand more about Apple, its operating system, Bluetooth, and Chromebook.

What is a Chromebook?

You have many kinds of computing devices, and Chromebook is one of them. It is a laptop that runs on Chrome OS. There is a heavy focus on google websites and apps on this device. It is faster, more stable, secure, lightweight, compact, and cheaper than other laptops that run on mac or windows. The reason can be there are not many background processes running on it. But the disadvantage of the Chromebook, you may not be able to run several mac and windows programs. Also, it is useless offline. It has limited multimedia support and software compatibility.

Why is there a compatibility issue?

The design of Apple devices is such that they do not work well with other operating systems like Android and Chrome. So, you will find it challenging to sync programs and devices that belong to a different OS. An appropriate apple forum may guide you about compatibility issues.

What is Bluetooth?

To put it in simple words, you can say it is wireless technology. Using it, data gets shared over a short distance via radio frequency. The whole process eliminates the need for wires. By using Bluetooth, you can connect with other Bluetooth-enabled devices or share documents on your mobile.

Does your Chromebook work with Bluetooth?

You need to know if your Chromebook is Bluetooth enabled. If so, it can connect to various devices like:

  • Keyboard

  • Mouse

  • Headphones

  • Headsets

  • Speakers

It is essential to stay safe when you connect any of the devices with your laptop, Chromebook, or your computer. Devices always tend to stay paired with computing systems. So, if other people use your Chromebook, you must pair the Chromebook to devices you trust to be safe.

Airpods being headphones, you need to use Bluetooth technology to pair them with your Chromebook.

How to check if the Chromebook works with Bluetooth?

1. Go to your Chromebook settings.

Select the battery there. It is found at the bottom right. Check for the Bluetooth icon. If it is present, then your Chromebook works with Bluetooth. Then it may be possible to connect your AirPods to your Chromebook.

How to pair a new Bluetooth device?

2. Having found the Bluetooth icon on the bottom right under the battery, you need to select this icon.

Next select pair new device under it. Select the device you wish to connect, in this case, Chromebook. You will find some instructions on your screen; you need to follow them. Your AirPods can connect to your Chromebook now.

How to confirm if your device is connected?

Repeat the above steps 1 and 2. Under currently connected, check the status. If it shows connected, then your AirPods have connected to your Chromebook.

How to manage connected devices?

It is essential to manage the connected devices on your Chromebook. You can unpair the devices that you have paired.

Go to settings and select battery at the bottom right. Select the Bluetooth icon there. Check for the currently connected devices. Select the device AirPods. To change the status from pair to unpair, select it and click it. To name it, select it and add your desired name to your AirPods. To connect a previously paired audio device, select previously connected and click on connect. Now your AirPods have connected to the Chromebook. You can use them at your convenience.

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