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How to Skip Songs on AirPods

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

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Not all people have the time to perfectly modify a playlist. And despite doing so, it depends on the mood if you want to listen to the song that’s playing on your AirPods. That’s why one of the most loved features of the AirPods is its force sensor where you can pause and skip songs or even adjust the volume. This feature helps you easily jump on to the next song and perfect your volume as necessary.

How to Control Audio and How to Skip Songs on AirPods

We’re going to give you a brief guide on how to play audio and how to skip songs on AirPods through the use of the force sensor.

How to Play or Pause Audio on AirPods

When your AirPods are already synced on your device, just open an audio app on your device and play music. Take your AirPods off and they automatically pause. Playing audio again is as easy as wearing one or both AirPods as playback automatically resumes. If you don't like the auto-playback feature, you may Turn off Automatic Ear Detection through Bluetooth settings.

Alternatively, you may press the force sensor on the AirPods stem.

Where to tap on AirPods

Tapping on your AirPods enables playing or pausing your audio. This is done by tapping on the Force Sensor which is the small indents on the stems of your AirPods. They start from the middle of the stem of your AirPods to the bottom.

How to Skip Songs on AirPods

You can double-press the force sensor of your AirPods to skip tracks. This is true for different audio apps like Apple Music or Podcasts. Double-pressing on Music lets you jump onto the next song, while double-pressing on Podcasts lets you skip to the previous episode.

You may also opt to skip to the previous song on your audio app, simply triple-press the Force Sensor. This guide is true for AirPods 1st generation, 2nd generation, AirPods Pro, and AirPods 3rd generation.

Where to double tap on AirPods

Double tapping or double pressing on the force sensor means skipping forward a song or a podcast episode on the default settings of your AirPods. Some of you may wonder where you to double press.

You need to make sure you are tapping the force sensor; which is again the small indents on the stems of your AirPods.

The controls of the AirPods are downright intuitive. However, some users want to customize this control and you may do so if you own the AirPods 1st generation or 2nd generation.

Changing Your Settings on How to Skip Songs on AirPods 1st Gen or AirPods 2nd Gen

  1. Open Settings

  2. Select Bluetooth

  3. Tap on the AirPods i icon.

  4. You will see Double-Tap on AirPod, select which AirPod you want to edit your settings with by tapping on either Left or Right as they are both listed. You may edit your settings on both AirPods if you wish.

  5. Upon tapping Left or Right, you will see that you can edit the double-tap feature and choose what this does. You may opt to turn the double-tap feature off or use it to activate Siri. You may also edit this feature to play/pause tracks or jump onto the previous track instead

Change Your Settings on How to Skip Songs on AirPods Pro

For the AirPods Pro, Apple doesn’t let users edit the double-tap feature but it lets you change its noise control default settings. So after going to your Bluetooth settings and tapping on your AirPods i icon, you will see Press and Hold AirPods instead of Double-Tap on AirPod. This is where you can either tap on Left or Right again. The default settings will be:

Press and Hold AirPods

Left Noise Control

Right Noise Control

By tapping either of the two, you can modify the controls to Next Track.

Note: AirPods Pro’s default setting on Press and Hold lets you switch between Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode.

You can read more about AirPods ANC features and more here.

How to answer AirPods Pro

First, make sure your AirPods are connected to your device. To answer a call, you may press the Force sensor on one of your AirPods. If you want to make calls, your AirPods Pro has Siri as your voice assistant so you could simply say "Hey Siri, call..." or "Make a FaceTime call to.."

Final Thoughts

Playing and pausing as well as skipping tracks is made easy on the AirPods by the power of the force sensor. On its default settings, simply tap your force sensor to play or pause audio. When it comes to how to skip songs on AirPods, double-press your force sensor and you're on your next track. To skip to the previous song, just triple-press on the force sensor.

We hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions about your force sensor in the comments.

If issues arise like you can’t skip songs or tap on the force sensor doesn’t work, you may have to reset your AirPods. Here’s how to reset AirPods. If you think it’s a battery problem, you may learn about your AirPods’ battery life here.

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