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How Far Do AirPods Reach

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Man pointing at his AirPods while looking at his phone

Imagine walking around the house with your AirPods on. You’re listening to your jam, singing your heart out. But when you move towards the fridge to grab that peanut butter, the music stops and your AirPods are out of range. Most users would find this situation annoying. That’s why we’re here to answer one of your frequently asked questions, how far do AirPods reach?

How Far Do AirPods Reach Before It Goes out of Range

The AirPods line has a high-power Bluetooth range that can give you about 10 to 240 meters of BT connectivity. Generally, the AirPods’ optimal range is about 10 to 18 meters or 30 to 60 feet. This means it can play without interruptions even if two people are using the earbuds at the same time in the given range.

AirPods 2nd generation, AirPods 3rd generation, AirPods Pro and AirPods Max all have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. If they’re connected with devices that offer the same version of Bluetooth, they can reach up to 240 meters or 800 feet. Apple didn’t publish an official AirPods range but these are the range Bluetooth 5. However, there are other factors to consider when talking about the AirPods’ range like the environment or your surroundings. Walls, pockets, and other structures may affect the range too.

If you are asking how far can AirPods be away from your phone, you should check the Bluetooth version of your phone. When your AirPods are connected to a device with Bluetooth 3 version, the range only reaches up to 10 meters or 33 feet. With Bluetooth 4, up to 60 meters or 200 feet. iPhone 8 and newer models already feature Bluetooth 5.0 so if your primary device to connect your AirPods to is one of these devices, you should get the maximum reach. Generally, though, the AirPods work at their optimum for about 40-50 meter distance for Bluetooth 5.


Therefore, to answer your frequently asked question of how far do AirPods reach, it’s 10-18 meters for devices with versions lower than Bluetooth 5.0. The connectivity there is already smooth and uninterrupted. While for devices with Bluetooth 5.0, a 40-50 meter distance would work uninterrupted. However, users must consider other environmental factors like when there are barriers to interrupting their connection.

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