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How to Connect AirPods to Zoom

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Zoom app in full screen of a Windows laptop

Zoom is the most common teleconferencing app since all of us had to move online. It’s easy to use and gives up to 40 minutes of free calls, while the membership gives unlimited time and an unlimited number of people in the meeting. Now that it’s common practice, it’s best to be in your headphones or earbuds in attending your meetings, lectures, or seminars to properly hear what the speaker has to say and in turn, deliver your questions or your piece. However, it’s been a common problem for AirPods not to automatically connect to your Zoom audio.

Do AirPods work with Zoom? Yes, they do. AirPods connect to devices via Bluetooth. Now, how to connect AirPods to Zoom? Keep reading as we guide you on how to play your audio from your video calls on your AirPods.

How to Connect AirPods to Zoom on Mac

We know what you’re thinking, connections of AirPods to Mac should be smooth and unlikely to experience issues but here you are wondering why Zoom audio is not playing on your AirPods.

Start by checking your connected device in your AirPods. Are you connected to your Mac alone? Because the AirPods can multitask and connect to two devices at the same time, it could get confused on which audio to play so make sure to disconnect your AirPods from other devices except for your Mac where your Zoom’s on. Simply turn the other devices’ Bluetooth off or manually disconnect your AirPods from each one.

If your Zoom audio plays through your AirPods after this, then there are no further steps. However, if it doesn’t play still, the reason may be your Zoom’s audio settings. Start by checking your System Preferences > Bluetooth and make sure your AirPods are paired and connected then proceed to Zoom’s audio settings. Here’s how:

  1. Open Zoom app

  2. On the top left corner, click on

  3. Click Preferences

  4. Select the Audio tab

  5. Click on the drop-down menu under Speaker and Microphone and change from Mac to AirPods

Doing this makes your AirPods your device for both audio playback and microphone. If you have a separate microphone that you want to use, select that in the drop-down menu under Microphone.

Your AirPods should work well with Zoom now. It has a great sound quality, especially when paired with an iOS device because of the W1 or H1 chip that smoothly connects without interference. It also has built-in mics which are good enough for your Zoom calls.

If audio playback persists, try deleting the Zoom folder in your Application Support through Library > Application Support > Sometimes, the file gets corrupted. Your last resort is to uninstall Zoom and reinstall as the whole app probably got corrupted.

How to Connect AirPods to Zoom on a PC

Like on Mac, make sure you’re connected to your PC and disconnected on other devices. Here’s how to connect AirPods to your laptop or PC. Once connected, go to Settings > Bluetooth and select your AirPods as the input device and output device. This makes your AirPods your primary speaker. On your Zoom audio settings, select Same as a system.

Final Thoughts

It could be frustrating not having your audio play on your AirPods when it has been already paired, especially when you’re the first to talk during your Zoom meeting but don’t panic. The steps to transfer your audio playback is easy on both Mac or PC devices. Just make sure you’ve connected your AirPods to your computer.

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