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How to Use Air Buds

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

A set of AirPods Pro, its charging case and an iPhone with the AirPods connection on its screen

We will guide you from pairing and connecting, resetting, and charging your AirBuds. All your Airbuds Pro how-to queries are answered.

The Air Buds

The Air Pro 3 air buds are a great budget alternative to the premium Apple AirPods. It physically looks similar to the AirPods Pro except for the Apple logo in the charging case, of course.

The features are almost the same as well. The AirPods Pro and Air Pro 3 both offer Bluetooth version 5.0. They also offer sweatproof, dustproof, and waterproof air buds. The AirBuds Pro also looks similar when it comes to pairing with an iPhone, showing the battery and charging case percentages.

They both feature a smart in-ear sensor that pauses the music when buds are out of your ears and plays it once your buds are back on. Your AirBuds Pro also offers voice assistant and command Siri. The touch control panels of the Air Pro 3 are also powerful. It gives you the power to answer and end calls, play and pause music, and, play the next song or the previous song all in different touch commands.

The main difference is, that, unlike the AirPods Pro, the Air Pro 3 doesn’t feature active noise cancellation. It, however, offers noise isolation which is also pretty decent for its price.

The Air Pro 3 retails at $49.99 on KwikShop.

How to Pair Your AirBuds Pro

The AirBuds Pro or Air Pro 3 may be paired with both iPhone and Android devices. Here’s how:

How to pair your Air Pro 3 on your iPhone

The Air Buds Pro is basically an AirPods copy so this is the same with how to connect fake AirPods to iPhone. The Air Pro 3 AirBuds feature a smart pop-up automatic pairing that is similar to the AirPods. To pair simply follow these steps:

  1. In your Air Pro 3’s case, press the function key for 4 seconds. This activates pairing mode.

  2. Enable Bluetooth on your iPhone. A pop-up window will appear in your iPhone showing your Air Pro bud’s battery health and its charging case’s battery health.

  3. Finally, tap on the pop-up window. This will already pair your iPhone with your Pro 3.

How to pair your Air Pro 3 on your Android device

Connecting to an Android device is similar and as easy as pairing any gadget with your Android phone. Here’s how:

  1. In your Air Pro 3’s case, press the function key for 4 seconds. This activates pairing mode.

  2. Enable Bluetooth on your Android device.

  3. Select Air Pro 3 TWS and pair.

How to connect AirBuds Pro

Once paired, turn on your Bluetooth on your mobile device and simply put out your Air Pro 3 from its charging case. Your AirBuds Pro automatically connects to your device.

How to get wireless AirBuds to work on desktop

Your AirBuds Pro may also be connected to your Mac or Windows desktop.

How to connect AirBuds Pro to your Windows desktop

Follow these steps to pair your AirBuds Pro or Air Pro 3 on your Windows desktop:

  1. On your Desktop, go to the lower right corner. Press the arrow and look for the Bluetooth key.

  2. Right-click on the Bluetooth logo, and click on Add a Bluetooth device.

  3. On the pop-up window, click on Add Bluetooth or other device.

  4. Click on Bluetooth.

  5. Select Air Pro 3 TWS.

How to connect AirBuds Pro to your Mac

The Air Pro 3 similarly connects to your Mac by pairing it with your iPhone. Simply:

  1. Turn on the function key on your charging case.

  2. Enable Bluetooth on your Mac.

  3. Click on the pop-up window that shows your Air Pro 3’s details.

How to Reset AirBuds

When encountering troubles in your Air Pro 3, you might need to troubleshoot and reset your AirBuds. But before resetting your AirBuds Pro, make sure you’ve forgotten your Air Pro 3 in your iPhone or Android device. Then turn off your Bluetooth.

Follow these steps for a full reset of your AirBuds Pro:

  1. Open your charging case.

  2. Press and hold the function key behind your charging case.

  3. When the light changes from white to yellow, release the function key.

  4. Press the button again, the light will flash white.

To test your newly reset AirBuds Pro:

  1. Take out your AirBuds and put them in at once.

  2. If the green light flashes, this means your connection is normal and the reset is successful.

  3. Enable your Bluetooth again.

  4. Tap on the pop-up window to pair.

  5. Hold the function key. It should connect after a few seconds.

How to Charge AirBuds

You may charge your Air Pro 3 through its charging case - either plugged in or wireless. If your charging case still carries enough to charge your buds, you can simply put your buds back inside and it will automatically charge. Otherwise, simply connect the charging wire and plug it for about 1.5hours for a complete charge.

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