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How To Turn on Airpods Without the Case?

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Man holding an iPhone on his right hand and pointing at his AirPods with his left hand

Taking technology to a higher level, Apple has introduced a mind-blowing device, the AirPods. They are a pair of wireless headphones. Using them, you have an innovative way to listen to music, watch tv, play games, make phone calls, and talk to Siri.

What is the specialty of AirPods?

They are lightweight, wireless, easy to use, and offer decent sound per pound. They also enable Siri to breathe life into your ear. You can connect them to an Apple or Android device like smartphones, tv, laptop, and smartwatches.

How do you connect the AirPods to your devices?

You can connect the AirPods to your devices with the help of the case that came along with them.

Should the case be used every time you use your AirPods?

Not necessary to have to connect your AirPods to your device. You require the case initially to connect your AirPods to your device. If you have already paired your AirPods with any device and not unpaired it, the connection will still be present. Therefore, you would not need a case to pair your AirPods to your device.

Can you pair your AirPods to any device without the case?

No, you cannot connect your AirPods to a new device without a case. You must make use of the case to make the initial connection with the AirPods. If the AirPods have previously paired, you can automatically connect your device with the AirPods if they are not unpaired.

What happens if you have lost your case?

You can continue using your AirPods if you have already paired them and have not yet unpaired them. You can also buy a new case.

Does Apple provide a case free of cost if it is lost

Unfortunately, no. You can place an order for a new pair, and you need to pay a fee. The warranty only covers the defective battery. It will not cover the natural wear and tear of the device.

Do you have to discard your AirPods if you have lost your case?

In the event of having lost or misplaced your AirPods case, you would panic and think that now you cannot use your AirPods. And the question of replacing them is not on the cards; you will consider that the set of your AirPods is just junk, and you have to discard them as you cannot connect them to your device. It is not the complete truth.

How is it possible to connect AirPods without the case?

Yes, many AirPods users are not aware that it is possible to connect AirPods without using the case.

What is the role of the case?

The case gets used to connect the AirPods to any device initially, and charge AirPods. And without the case, you may not be able to charge your AirPods. The case protects the AirPods too.

Is there a possibility to connect the AirPods without the case?

Yes, you can connect your AirPods to your device without the case. You can follow a few guidelines to do so. You require the case for the initial pairing and charging of the AirPods. If it is left unpaired, you can always connect your device with the AirPods. Yes, the device should have previously paired with the AirPods. You can then re-pair your device with the AirPods.

How to connect the AirPods with the device without the case?

Follow these four steps to accomplish this

  1. 1. On your iPhone, open the control center by swiping the screen.

  2. 2. At the top right side of the control center is present the Audio Card. You have to press it and hold it.

  3. 3. It is now in full view mode. You need to now press the airplay icon on it.

  4. 4. You can see a list of devices the iPhone connected to Bluetooth. Select the AirPods.

That is it. Now with these four easy steps, your device is connected to the AirPods.

Indeed, if the AirPods do not appear on the list of connected devices, you will not be able to make the connection. Either the AirPods and your device have never connected, or the battery life is too low.

Is it possible to charge the AirPods without the case?

No, it is not possible.

It is how you connect the AirPods with your device; in the absence of the case.

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