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How to Connect Airpods to Xbox One

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

White Xbox One set on the left and black Xbox One on the right

So you’ve purchased the AirPods and you love them. It’s portable and comfortable, and the audio plays fairly well. Now, you want to use it on all possible devices that it can connect to. You try it with your Xbox and you realize that your Xbox (or any Xbox for that matter) doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth support. We’ve discovered a way how to connect AirPods to Xbox One.

How to Connect AirPods to Xbox One Through the Xbox App

A workaround for the impossibility of a Bluetooth connection is through the Xbox App. The Xbox App works on iOS devices, as well as, most Android devices. Through this app, users can manage their Xbox accounts. Through this app, users can stream their gameplay on their phone screens. The Xbox app may also be used to buy Xbox One games, and track your Xbox achievements. Moreover, it can wirelessly transfer Xbox audio to an external output. This can answer your question on how to use AirPods on Xbox One.

Downloading the Xbox app

If you don’t have the app yet, you need to download the Xbox app.

  1. Download the Xbox App on iOS or Android.

  2. Sign In with your Microsoft account information. Alternatively, Add New Account if you have no login credentials yet. You need to finish a short set-up process that would let you add your console. Make sure your console is on to add it to your app.

  3. Choose Enable on your console. This finishes the set-up.

Pairing your device

You need to pair your AirPods with the device you have your Xbox app installed in. If you have synced them before, then simply wearing your AirPods connects you automatically to your device.

Alternatively, here’s how to pair your AirPods on your iOS device:

  1. Go to Settings and turn on Bluetooth.

  2. Place your AirPods in your charging case and open the lid of your case close to your iOS device.

  3. Instructions will show up on your screen. Simply follow up to set up your AirPods on your device.

  4. Lastly, tap Done to finish the set-up.

How to pair your AirPods on your Android Smartphone:

  1. Go to Bluetooth Settings.

  2. Open the lid of your AirPods case with the AirPods inside near your Android phone.

  3. On your charging case, press and hold the pairing button at the back.

  4. Select AirPods on the list of Bluetooth devices that show up on your screen and tap on Pair.

Turn on your Xbox One

Make sure all wires are intact. Connect your Kinect sensor, internet connection, TV connection (through HDMI), and set-top box (for cable TV). Lastly, plug in your Xbox One to the power source. To turn your Xbox One on, hold down the Home Button on your Xbox controller. This will power both the unit and the controller.

The final step is connecting your AirPods to Xbox One

After this, you may start your game and get ready to chat. You may opt to create a party through the Xbox App too. Select the Social section. As more users enter the play, chat audio will now be on the AirPods as well as the mic.

Final Note

Xbox One may not have built-in Bluetooth hardware but you can hack your way to transferring the audio on your device which can pair with your AirPods. You simply need to download the Xbox App and set it up.

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