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How to Remove Water from AirPods

The AirPods are not waterproof - even the newer models aren’t. The only AirPods that are water-resistant with a rating of IPX4 are AirPods Pro and AirPods 3rd generation. But still, IPX4 rating only guarantees sweat resistance and splashes of freshwater. What if your AirPods got soaked in water? What should you do? Don’t panic as we can assist you on how to remove water from AirPods safely.

How to Remove Water from AirPods Safely

AirPods can neither be brought in the shower, for a swim, for any water sport, or worn running in heavy rains. Even if you have the AirPods Pro or AirPods 3rd generation, it cannot withstand anything over splashes of water. If indeed your AirPods got wet, here’s how to remove water from AirPods safely:

  1. Don’t panic. Remove your AirPods from the water right away. Note that it’s better if the AirPods are off. Also, don’t put them on the charging case.

  2. Dry the surroundings of your AirPods with a microfiber cloth. Make sure to remove excess liquid.

  3. Use cotton swabs for the tiny ports. Note: don’t press in too hard so you don’t damage the speakers.

  4. Let the AirPods lie face down on the cloth.

  5. Leave it alone for half a day near a window where the sun can reach it.

How to remove water from AirPods through Water Eject

Water Eject lets water drip out from your AirPods through a button on your device. Here’s how:

  1. Start by downloading the Shortcuts Gallery app on your Apple device.

  2. Pair your AirPods on your device after downloading the app.

  3. When you open your Shortcuts Gallery, select Water Eject.

  4. Keep pressing until all the water drips out.

  5. Dry your AirPods with a microfiber towel.

Alternatively, you may use the Water Eject option through Shortcut.

  1. Download Shortcut.

  2. Scroll down at the bottom and select Add the shortcut.

  3. Tap on Water Eject.

  4. A drop-down menu will show Begin Water Ejection and Settings. Choose Begin Water Ejection.

  5. It will automatically finish and notify you once done.

What Not to Do When Your Airpods Get Wet

People may suggest some things to dry your AirPods out, but some just won’t do. Don’t place your AirPods in a rice bag. It’s a myth and it may just cause unnecessary scratches. Make sure not to shake your AirPods when it gets soaked in water too. Lastly, it’s also good practice to avoid hairdryers as some hairdryers may be too strong and even damage your AirPods more.

How to Avoid AirPods Water Damage

Make sure to keep your AirPods in the charging case when not in use. We also suggest that you get a waterproof case for your charging case. Make sure to keep your AirPods away on wet surfaces, or near your drinks or soup. Immediately clean your AirPods thoroughly after consecutive use.

Final Thoughts

If your AirPods get soaked in water, make sure to follow the steps we’ve laid out for you. Manually, through drying them with a microfiber towel and drying them under the sun. It may also be done through the Water Eject option through your device.

Alternatively, you may check out the best waterproof earbuds if you want waterproof earphones that you can take in the shower, or even in water sports and swimming.

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